Patient Sucess Stories

Migraines & Headaches

I’m finally getting my life back.  For years, I’ve lived with migraine headaches.  During the days when the headaches didn’t start up, everything was fine.  But when the migraines struck, I went through the worst agony of my life.  I would lose entire weekends lying in bed.  I had seen a neurologist and had taken 3 different headache medications.  None of it was working.  Since receiving care from Dr. Lund, the frequency of my migraines has improved significantly.  I used to experience migraines on a weekly basis and now that is no longer the case.  I feel 100% better.

Cheryl Kennison
Saint Paul, MN


A few months ago, I was in a car accident.  The back end of my care was completely destroyed, and the impact from the accident caused a lot of pain to my body.  Actually, I couldn’t get a full nights rest because of my headaches and neck pain.  That’s when I went to see Dr. Lund.  He gave me an examination and told me how he thought my case would progress.  I am happy to say I no longer have headaches or sharp pain when turning my neck.

James Story
Shoreview, MN
Sales Manager

Neck Pain and Back Pain

I am so happy that I started working with Dr. Lund. I was frustrated by the treatment options for my neck pain and lower back pain. The adjustments felt good and I started seeing improvement almost immediately. My pain no longer interferes with my walking and many other activities I enjoy doing. My family has really noticed the change in my activity level.

Ruth Hauge
Roseville, MN

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I decided to explore chiropractic care when I was told by a neurologist that there wasn’t much he could do to alleviate my carpal tunnel symptoms, short of surgery. He didn’t hold out much hope for that being successful either. I’d been wearing wrist braces on both hands at night for several years to keep my hands from going numb while sleeping. That worked for the past several years, but my hands had started to go numb even while wearing the braces. Dr. Lund has successfully treated the carpal tunnel to the point where I no longer need to wear the braces while sleeping. The combination of adjustments and simple exercises to strengthen the opposing muscle groups has helped tremendously and I’m able to manage carpal tunnel quite successfully.

Laurie Vork
Roseville, MN
Edible Arrangements Owner

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