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Are you suffering from back pain?  Is your back pain getting in the way of sitting comfortably, walking, or just getting dressed in the morning?  There are many different causes of back pain.  The three most common causes involve the following structures:

For this article, we will mainly focus on muscle related back pain.  There can be many reasons such as an injury or perhaps a repetitive posture or activity over time that can cause knots to occur in the muscles of the back.  The knots that build up stay completely contracted and this increases the tension of the muscle.  In fact, the technical term for these knots is called trigger points.  The muscle knot increases the tension of the muscles which then increases the tension on the joints of the back.  The joints can become inflamed and result in back pain.  In addition, these trigger points can refer or cause pain to various parts of your back.  Thus, you can have both a muscle problem and a joint problem causing your back pain.

Another important aspect that we need to recognize is that trigger points do not show up on an x-ray, an MRI, or medical tests during a routine examination.  Thus, you could have a negative or normal MRI and x-rays but yet have trigger points that are causing your back pain.  Thus, it is very important to seek treatment from an effective back pain treatment center in Roseville, Minnesota.  You need to seek treatment from back pain specialists that will evaluate whether trigger points are a cause of your back pain.

Once it has been established that trigger points are contributing or causing your back pain then they need to be worked out.  You cannot stretch a trigger point out.  Chiropractic treatment is very effective at resolving back pain because it addresses the two main issues.  The soft tissue treatment works out the trigger points and the adjustments help the inflammed joints.  That is what an effective back pain treatment center in Roseville, Minnesota needs to evaluate and treat to help you feel better faster.

If you are seeking effective back pain relief, call our office at 651-779-5998.  Dr. Eric Lund specializes in short term care for your back pain.

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