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Are you suffering from neck or back pain?  Are you seeking neck or back pain relief?  Oftentimes, neck and back pain can make activities such as getting dressed, reading a book, picking up your kids, and sleeping painful and more difficult.  You may have been to your doctor who instructed you to give it a couple weeks and you’ll be fine.  Well, you are still in pain and you want to feel better.  Does this sound familiar?

If it does then chiropractic relief care may be effective in providing you with the neck and back pain relief you want.  As a member ChiroTrust, our office has taken the ChiroTrust Pledge to provide our patients convenient, affordable, and mainstream Chiropractic Care without any unnecessary long-term treatment plans and/or therapies.

Our goal is to get you out of pain and out of our office in the fewest visits possible.  We DO NOT recommend any long-term treatment plans and we take our recommendations one visit at a time.  We will see how your respond to care and when you are feeling better you’ll be released from care and you don’t need to come back until you need or want to.

There are 3 main causes of neck and back pain:

I will use the back as an example.  If you are experiencing joint related back pain the pain is usually localized to the back.  The pain can radiate to the pelvis or buttocks but rarely would cause pain to travel below the knee.  Joint related back pain feels worse when standing and extending backwards.  Joint related back pain can obtain relief by sitting and/or bending forward.

If you are experiencing disk related back pain the pain will be located in the back but also radiate into the leg.  The pain will radiate past the knee and will oftentimes cause numbness or tingling in the leg.  Disk related back pain feels worse when sitting and bending forward, this is the opposite of joint related back pain.

Muscle related back pain is located in the back and oftentimes feels worse with rotation and towards the end of the day.  The muscle are usually involved in back and neck pain because if you have either a joint problem or a disk problem the muscles are going to tighten up to protect the area.

The good news is that chiropractic relief care can effectively treat joint related back pain, disk related back pain, and muscle related back pain.  Please call our Roseville MN chiropractor specializing in neck and back pain relief for a free consultation.  We will sit down with you and discuss your neck and/or back pain.  We will listen to your case and let you know if we believe we can help you.  We will also let you know if we don’t believe we can help you.  There is no obligation for care by having the free consultation.  Call our Roseville MN Chiropractor today to feel better faster.

We serve Roseville, MN, Saint Paul, MN, Arden Hills, MN, Shoreview, MN, and Falcon Heights, MN.

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