Cervical Disk Herniation Relief – Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Are you suffering from neck pain or question whether you have a cervical disk herniation?  There are many different structures that can cause neck pain.  A common condition that causes neck pain is sprain/strain which involves the ligaments and muscles in your neck.  However, the signs and symptoms associated with a sprain/strain and cervical disk herniation are different.  Lets review some of the common cervical disk herniation symptoms:

Between each vertebrae throughout your neck and back are disks.  These are important shock absorbing structures.  The central part of each disk contains a liquid and jelly that can herniate in various directions.  The disk herniation will create pain if it herniates in a direction that pinches a nerve.  If it herniates in a direction that does not pinch a nerve then there likely will be no pain.

If you are seeking cervical disk herniation relief then there are likely other signs and symptoms you are experiencing.  For instance,  you are likely experiencing discomfort in your arm.  The quality of the discomfort is likely a numbness or tingling.  It can also be common to experience weakness in the arm that is affected by the symptoms.  There is also movements that will generally worsen symptoms related to a cervical disk herniation.  Most patients will note that extending there head backwards will worsen neck and arm symptoms.  Conversely, flexing your head forward can actually provide some relief of symptoms.  In addition, it can be painful to have your arm hanging down but you will generally feel relief if you raise your arm overhead.  Have you found yourself raising your arm overhead because it provides relief?

If you have several of these signs or symptoms then it is likely that your pain is being caused by a cervical disk herniation.  Chiropractic treatment can be very successful in resolving cervical disk herniation signs and symptoms.  Chiropractic care should be tried first before considering any surgical correction.  If you are seeking effective cervical disk herniation relief call our office today at 651-779-5998.

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