Lumbar Disk Herniation Relief – Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Low back pain can be located just in the low back region or there are times the lower back pain can radiate pain down the leg.  This distinction is important as only having localized low back pain generally responds faster for complete recovery.

When patients are seeking lumber disk herniation relief they commonly may refer to their pain as “sciatica.”  The term sciatica can represent pain in the lower back, pain in the sacroiliac joints, or pain from the muscles in the lower back.  However, “sciatica” should only be used when the sciatic nerve is actually being pinched.

What can cause pinching or irritation of the sciatic nerve?  A lumber disk herniation is one of the most common causes.  Those seeking lumbar disk herniation relief could experience any of the following symptoms:

In addition, if the nerve is compressed enough, the patient may describe feeling some weakness in their legs.  An important test to rule in or rule out a lumbar disk herniation is called the straight leg raise.  The patient is lying on their back and the doctor will raise their leg up.  If there is increased leg pain experienced between 30-70 degrees there is a high probability that a lumbar disk herniation is the cause of their back pain and leg pain.

Also, if the patient has a lumbar disk herniation they will likely experience increased pain when sitting and bending forward.  This motion would generally move the disk toward the nerve worsening symptoms.

But, there is GOOD NEWS.  Chiropractic treatment can effectively resolve this problem.  It certainly makes sense to try Chiropractic first as it oftentimes helps patients avoid surgery.  If you are seeking lumbar disk herniation relief, call our office today for a FREE Consultation.  As a member of ChiroTrust, our office focuses on Short Term Care for Your Back and Leg Pain.  We take our recommendations one visit at a time and there are no long term treatment recommendations.  Call Today to feel better faster.  Dr. Eric Lund

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