Whiplash Injury: Whiplash Headaches After a Car Accident – Can Chiropractic Help?

There are many common symptoms associated with whiplash syndrome.
• Headaches
• Neck Pain
• Upper Back Pain
• Dizziness
• Blurred Vision
• Lower Back Pain
• Mid Back Pain
• Shoulder Pain
• Arm Pain
• Numbness & Tingling

In this article I specifically I want to discuss the common symptoms of headaches and neck pain related to whiplash syndrome related to being “rear-ended” in a motor vehicle accident.  First, we need to learn about the mechanism of injury and forces associated with a car accident or motor vehicle collision.

When a car is rear- ended it causes forces to be transmitted to the occupant of the vehicle.  These forces cause an abnormal motion pattern or movement to occur in the cervical spine or neck region.  The forces actually cause the upper cervical spine to flex forward while simultaneously causing the lower cervical spine to extend backwards.

In addition, the abnormal forces to the neck region exceed the normal physiologic range, which often results in injury to many structures : joints, joint capsules, ligaments, muscles, facet joints, zygapophyseal joints, intervertebral discs, etc.   These are examples of various soft tissue injuries.  Imagine bending your finger back beyond its normal limit; that is what I am talking about.

The resultant joint injury causes abnormal biomechanics in the cervical spine.  Abnormal biomechanics leads to a secondary response of muscle spasm and pain.  If the upper cervical spine is injured from the whiplash then these changes cause headaches and neck pain after a car accident.  The headache symptoms can be in the back of the head, one or both sides of the head, forehead, temples, behind the eyes etc.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I am specifically trained to evaluate and treat biomechanical dysfunction of the upper cervical spine related to whiplash injuries.  The restoration of proper movement to the upper cervical spine by a chiropractor is crucially important improving headache symptoms, providing neck pain relief, and headache relief.

If you have experienced a whiplash injury, please contact my office in Roseville, MN near Arden Hills, MN for an appointment.  The earlier the treatment starts in relation to the whiplash injury the better and faster the outcome.  We also serve patients in Saint Paul, MN, Shoreview, MN, and Falcon Heights, MN.

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