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Does this sound like something that has happened to you?  You are working in your garden or working around your house.  You simply bend down or you attempt to pick something up and  you feel something “give out” in your lower back.  The pain is immediate or gradually worsens as the day progresses.  The pain is severe enough that it makes standing up straight difficult and you may or may not also feel pain traveling down one of your legs.

This common scenario oftentimes involves bulging discs in your back.  The intervertebral disc is a structure that is located between each vertebrae, from your neck to your lower back.  One of the main functions of the disc is to act as a shock absorber.  There are two parts to the disc, an inner part (nucleus pulposis) and outer part (annulus).  The inner part is made up of a liquid type material.  The outer part is a tough rubber like material designed to keep the nucleus pulposis in the center of the disc.

The outer annulus part of the disc over time can degenerate, tear, and breakdown.  This results in a bulging disc which causes back pain and may cause leg pain.

So, now for the most important question, “what can you do about it?”  The good news is that spinal manipulation or commonly referred to as a chiropractic adjustment positively affects bulging discs resulting in pain relief.  Many patients will notice improvement after only a few treatments.  An example of the treatments for back pain relief from bulging discs is located in the video above. The specific treatment for bulging discs occurs when the patient is lying on her side and her top leg is bent and raised towards the chest.

If you are seeking back pain relief from bulging discs call our office at 651-779-5998.  We focus on short term care for neck and back pain relief.   Our goal is to get patients out of pain and out of our office in the fewest visits possible.  No long-term treatment plans.

We serve many patients in Roseville, MN, Shoreview, MN, Saint Paul, MN, Falcon Heights, MN, and Arden Hills, MN.  55113 and 55117.


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