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Low back pain is a common problem and statistics say that if your haven’t experienced lower back pain you eventually will.  Low back pain affects both men and women equally and the highest incidence occurs on those between the ages of 30-50.  Interestingly, being sedentary such as working at a computer actually increases your chances of experiencing low back pain.  But, for this article lets focus on one of the most effective low back treatments, manipulation.  This is commonly referred to a a chiropractic adjustment.

The patient is typically laying on their side and their top leg is flexed towards their chest and their bottom leg remains straight.  The patients shoulder will be stabilized as the patients lower back and pelvis are rolled forward.  The low back manipulation or adjustment occurs as the lower back and pelvis are being rolled forward.  This often results in a popping or cracking sound.

So, why does a chiropractor perform this type of low back treatment? There are many positive pain relieving factors that occur from a low back adjustment.  The adjustment positively affects structures such as the disc, facet joints, muscles, and joint capsules.  When the joint receives an adjustment it causes the muscles to relax reducing muscle spasm and increasing range of motion. In addition, the adjustment reduces and improves pain.

It is often discussed that when there is pain there is also inflammation.  Recent studies also demonstrated that low back manipulation reduces inflammation as well.  Thus, chiropractic low back adjustments reduce inflammation, induce muscle relaxation, and decrease pain.  This is why this type of treatment is very effective at providing lower back pain relief.

If you are experiencing lower back pain, Don’t Delay, call our office today at 651-779-5998.  We specialize in short term care for back pain relief.  We focus on getting you out of pain and out of our office in the fewest visits possible.

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