Back Pain: Why Does It Occur? Can Chiropractic Help?

There are some very surprising statistics in regards to back pain. First, 70-85% of individuals will experience back pain at some time during their lifetime. Secondly, back pain is the second most frequent medical issue in which people seek the care of a physician. Let’s put that in perspective, the next time you are at your medical clinic a large majority of the individuals in that office that day are there for the reason of seeking help for back pain.

So, why does back pain occur? To answer this question, you must know that each vertebra has one disc and two facet joints. The disc and the facet joints are the two most common pain causing structures in the back.

The disc is avascular, meaning; there is no direct blood supply. Therefore, the disc lives as a consequence of movement. Thus, anything that impairs vertebral movement will impair the exchange of fluids into the disc. If you impair the exchange of fluid into the disc an inflammatory response occurs and causes back pain.

If the lack of motion essentially causes back pain what do you believe is the solution? Multiple lines of evidence in medical literature conclude that mechanical restoration of movement is the treatment of choice for the relief of the painful condition of back pain.

As a chiropractic physician, I provide adjustments (spinal manipulation) to segments of the spine/back which lack motion.  The chiropractic adjustments restore motion to the spine/back improving the exchange of fluids to the disc which reduces the inflammation.  I specialize in short term care for back pain relief.  I take my recommendations one visit at a time.

In closing, as a chiropractic physician in Saint Paul, MN I am trained to evaluate and treat upper back pain, mid back pain, and lower back pain.  If you would like to experience back pain relief, contact my office to schedule an appointment.  We serve patients in Roseville, MN, Saint Paul, MN, Arden Hills, MN, Shoreview, MN, and Falcon Heights, MN.


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