Lower Back Pain Relief – Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Low back pain is a very common problem and may be related to several structures in the lower back. Lower back pain may be caused by or referred to as any of the following:

Lumbar facet syndrome
Lumbar disc herniation
• Lumbar disc bulge
Back spasms
• Sacroiliac pain

Most research continues to indicate that when there is lower back pain, or for that matter any type of back pain or neck pain, inflammation is present. The inflammation may be present because of a trauma such as lower back pain after a car accident. Or, the pain may be caused by repetitive micro-trauma such as sitting day after day. We know that if we can improve, lesson, and control inflammation the pain will improve. There are multiple ways in which we can reduce inflammation. We could take medications such as NSAIDs or receive steroid injections. However, we know that if we can avoid these interventions or reduce the times in which we require steroid injections or NSAIDs our tissues heal faster and better.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

As a chiropractic physician, I utilize spinal manipulation or adjustments to help provide lumbar spine pain relief. When a lower back chiropractic adjustment is performed it stimulates joint receptors called proprioceptors. These joint receptors are located in ligaments, joint capsules, and muscles. When these joint receptors are stimulated they results in a reduction of muscle spasm and tightness, relaxation of lower back muscles, increased range of motion, and pain relief. But, most importantly, spinal manipulation has been shown to REDUCE INFLAMMATION.

At my office, we provide short-term care for lower back pain. If the short-term care does not provide adequate relief then we consider referral for a pain management consult to an orthopedist. If you are looking to see if short-term chiropractic treatment would provide lower back pain relief, please call my office today at 651-779-5998. We are in network providers for most insurance companies and we have same day appointments for your convenience. We serve the following areas: Roseville, MN, Saint Paul, MN, Arden Hills, MN, Falcon Heights, MN, and Shoreview, MN.

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