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Migraine headache are very debilitating often interrupting your life.  Thus, effective treatment is of utmost importance to each sufferer.  In many cases, multiple avenues of treatment need to be executed.  In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective migraine headache relief options.

  1. Magnesium – It has been proven that migraine sufferers have lower levels of magnesium compared to those individuals who do not experience migraine headaches.  In addition, there are several studies in which when migraine sufferers are given magnesium their headache frequency and severity improve.  So, how can you increase your magnesium consumption?  You can begin to eat more magnesium rich foods such as any green vegetables, nuts, seeds, broccoli, and beans.  You can also supplement 300-600 mg of magnesium per day.  Both magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate would be excellent forms of magnesium to take.
  2. Go Gluten Free – This is often difficult for people when you tell them to cut out the bread, cereal, pasta, and other processed foods.  But, the sacrifice can be well worth it in a significant reduction and at times resolution of your migraine headaches.  There are many individuals that have gluten sensitivity.  This means that gluten does not agree with you and although you foods that contain gluten they actually are causing your migraine headaches.  Try to cut out gluten completely for 3 weeks and you will have your answer.  If your migraines do not improve then you are likely not gluten sensitive.
  3. Sleep – Getting good sleep is one of the most underrated treatments for various issues including migraine headaches.  How much sleep do you get each night?  If it is less than 7 hours work on getting more sleep and you may see an improvement in your migraine headaches as a lack of sleep is often a migraine headache trigger.
  4. Chiropractic Pain Relief Treatment – It is widely known that many types of headaches including migraine headaches can occur because of dysfunction of the cervical spine.  When the top 3 vertebrae in the neck are out of alignment this irritates the nerves exiting at those levels resulting in migraine headaches.  Chiropractic adjustments can provide effective migraine headache relief.

If you are seeking migraine headache relief or a migraine chiropractor in Roseville, Minnesota call our office today at 651-779-5598.  We focus on short term care for migraine headaches.  There are no long term treatment plans and we take our recommendations one visit at a time.  Call today to feel better faster.  Dr. Eric Lund

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