Roseville MN Chiropractor – The Best Exercise For Disc Bulges & Disc Herniation Relief

Are you suffering from lower back pain caused by disc bulges or disc herniations?  A disc bulge or disc herniation can cause numerous symptoms:

First, lets discuss the difference between a disc bulge vs a disc herniation.  The easiest example is to think of your disc as a jelly doughnut.  If the doughnut is deformed by the jelly is still contained within the doughnut that would be a disc bulge.  If the jelly protrudes out of the doughnut then that is considered a disc herniation.

The most common symptoms caused by disc issues would include lower back pain and symptoms that travel into the leg.  There is a very reliable test called the “straight leg raise” that can be used to effectively confirm if a disc issue is causing your lower back and leg pain.

The patient is lying on their back with their legs straight.  The painful leg is raised while keeping the patients leg straight, much like stretching your hamstring.  If this movement increases the patients leg symptoms it likely means a disc herniation is causing your symptoms.

Generally, disc problems will worsen with prolonged sitting, bending forward, coughing, and sneezing.  Do you know what worsens your symptoms?

However, there are exercises that can help relieve the pain associated with disc issues.  The best exercise for disc bulges & disc herniation relief from your Roseville MN Chiropractor is called the lift bridge.

The patient is lying on their back with both their knees and hips flexed.  The patient simply lifts their hips off the ground coming up in to a bridge.  The hips and the shoulders should be in a straight line.

The patient holds this position for 5 seconds and then lowers themselves down and relaxes.  You will repeat this exercise 20 times. Please reference the video above. This can be very helpful in providing relief of pain for both disc bulges and disc herniations.

If you are looking for effective treatment of your lower back pain and leg pain, please call our office today.  Our goal is to get patients out of pain and out of the office as quickly as possible.  There are no long-term treatment plans.  Call today at 651-779-5998.

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