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There are many different types of headaches:

Migraines are one of the most common types of headaches.  First, it is important to know what type of headache you are dealing with.  Lets review some of the key signs and symptoms of migraine headaches.  A unique feature of migraine headache is that prior to the onset of the migraine, there is often a pre-headache signal that the migraine headache is about to occur.  This pre-headache signal is often referred to as an “aura” and can occur minutes or hours before the onset of a migraine headache.   Lets review some of the common “warning signs” that you are or will be experiencing a migraine headache.

Neck PainThe National Headache Foundation has reported that 71% of the time migraine sufferers either always or frequently experience neck pain along with there migraine.  There is a key connection between misalignment of the upper cervical spine and migraine headaches.

Frequent Urination: Many migraine headache sufferers will experience an increase in the frequency of urination in the hours or days prior to the onset of a migraine headache.

Nausea and Vomiting: A survey of more than 3,700 migraine headache sufferers reported experiencing nausea 73% of the time with their migraine headaches.  In addition, 29% reported vomiting associated with their migraine headaches.

Visual Aura: We mentioned the term “aura” earlier in this article but there can be various pre-headache “warnings.”  One other aura can be visual disturbance such as blurred or double vision, dizziness, or vertigo.

Are any of these factors associated with your headaches?  If so, there is a good chance you are experiencing migraine headaches and should seek treatment from a qualified migraine headache doctor in Roseville, Minnesota.

If you are seeking migraine headache relief call our office today at 651-779-5998.  We take our treatment recommendations one visit at a time and find that many migraine sufferers find that it can take a couple or several visits, but patient generally see improvements in a short period of time.  Dr. Eric Lund

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