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If you are like most people then you know what it is like to experience neck pain.  The pain can limit the movement of your neck and make every day activities such as reading, working on the computer, backing out the car, or rolling over in bed very difficult and painful to do.  There different types of neck pain:

There are many different structures that can be the source of generating your neck pain.  In this article, we will discuss some of the most common structures that generate neck pain and what you can do to feel better faster.


There are numerous muscles in your neck that can cause neck pain.  These muscles could be injured and generate pain from a single trauma such as whiplash or they can generate pain related to repetitive overuse.  The most common repetitive overuse can occur from working on a computer for many hours per day.  Some of the most common muscles in the neck that cause neck pain are the levator scapulae, upper traps, and scalenes.  You need to have these muscles evaluated and treated to help relieve neck pain.  An effective neck pain chiropractor in Roseville, Minnesota can evaluate your neck muscles to determine if they are causing your pain.

Disc Injuries

Between each vertebrae in your neck you have a structure known as the disc.  There is a jelly like substance within the disc and if the outer layer of the disc tears this jelly can leak out irritating nerves and causing neck pain.  If you have a disc injury the pain will worsen when extending your head backwards, the pain may travel to your shoulder blade, and you may have symptoms that radiate to your arm.

Neck Degeneration/Arthritis

As we age the fluid within the disc can begin to dry up.  This is what is considered degeneration or arthritis.  This causes the joints of the neck to lock up resulting in neck pain.  Unlocking the joints of the neck related to degeneration and/or arthritis is very effective at improving neck pain.  A neck pain chiropractor in Roseville, Minnesota can effectively unlock the joints of your neck resulting neck pain relief.

The great news is that spinal manipulation positively affects disc injuries, degeneration/arthritis, and the muscles of the neck resulting in neck pain relief.  If you are looking for effective neck pain relief, call our office today at 651-779-5998.  We focus on short term care for neck pain relief.

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