Neck Pain Treatment – Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Neck pain is a very prevalent problem that affects daily life. Oftentimes, it can interfere with sleeping, working, focus, and many other daily activities. How is neck pain affecting your life? Many people are surprised to learn that 70% of the population will experience neck pain at some time in their life. In addition, intermittent relapses or flareups of neck pain are common throughout life. Today, we have a much greater likelihood of developing neck pain because 75% of American jobs involve working on the computer for extended hours each day.

There can be many different types of neck pain:
Neck Stiffness
Neck Tightness
• Neck Soreness
Neck Pain
• Neck Pressure
• Headaches

There are many different approaches to neck pain treatment. I would like to discuss two studies in particular that looked at the treatment of neck pain. In the first study, researchers found that when the mid back or thoracic spine was also adjusted in addition to the neck being adjusted for neck pain, the improvement in pain levels for the patient were better. In fact, 93% had improvement in neck pain after just 1-3 visits. Another measure included in this study involved disability scores. Again, when the neck and back were both adjusted, the patient’s had more improvement in disability scores compared to the group that just had their neck adjusted alone.

Neck Pain Exercises

In the second study, researchers looked at the effect of neck pain exercises vs spinal adjustments vs spinal adjustments and neck pain exercises. The results showed that spinal adjustments and neck exercises were the most effective treatment. These patients also had the best short and long term results and also had the highest rate of complete pain relief.

In my office, I utilize both neck and back chiropractic adjustments and neck exercises to help provide relief of both acute and chronic neck pain. If you are looking for neck pain treatment or are tired of neck pain getting in the way of sleep, work, focus, or overall comfort, please call my office today. We will determine if we believe we will be able to help you by conducting a history and examination. If we believe we can help, then you will receive a treatment that same day. We specialize in short term chiropractic care for your neck pain. We serve patients in Roseville, MN, Saint Paul, MN, Arden Hills, MN, Falcon Heights, MN, and Shoreview, MN.

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