Headache Relief After A Car Accident – Can Chiropractic Help Me?

The complaint of headaches after a motor vehicle accident is very common and can be quite debilitating. These types of headaches are referred to as post-traumatic headaches. The post-traumatic headaches can begin immediately after the collision or in the hours and days following the collision. A delayed onset of headaches can be very common as many people release adrenaline after an accident which is a natural pain killer. As the adrenaline is broken down and metabolized, the pain and headaches become noticeable either hours or days later.

There are many aspects about a whiplash injury as a result of a car accident that cause headaches. First, the mechanism of whiplash causes trauma and injury to the neck. The top 3 vertebra in the neck, if injured, will cause headaches. Secondly, it is fairly common that an individual hits their head on a part of the car. It is very common for someone’s head to hit the steering wheel or the side window as a result of the collision. It is this trauma to the head which causes post-traumatic headaches after a motor vehicle collision.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of headaches after a motor vehicle collision would include:
Neck Pain
Dull Head Pain
Pressure and Tightness Along The Sides of The Head and Forehead
Pain at The Base of The Skull
Neck, Upper Back, and Shoulder Tightness

The frequency and severity of post-traumatic headaches after a car accident can be quite variable. Some patients will experience constant headaches that vary in severity. Other patient’s will experience intermittent but daily headaches. The duration of these headaches can last for hours or days. In addition, the headaches may be triggered by physical activity, prolonged postures such as computer work, or repetitive activities. If you suffer from headaches then you know the impact they have on your quality of life.

I also believe that if someone is experiencing post-traumatic headaches that the potential for a post-concussion syndrome also needs to be considered and/or ruled out. This is especially true if the patient did suffer a blow to the head.

If you suffer from post-traumatic headaches after a car accident or are searching for headache relief after a car accident you have many options. A very effective option for post-traumatic headache relief after a car accident would include manual therapy/spinal adjustments. Spinal adjustments performed by a chiropractic physician improve the alignment and motion of vertebra in the neck, especially the top 3 vertebra when headaches are common complaint. The improved alignment and motion of these top 3 cervical vertebras will help to reduce muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, improve range of motion, and thus improve the frequency and severity of headaches.

If you would like to see if we might be able to help you with your headache relief, please call our office today at 651-779-5998. You will know very quickly if our treatment will help your headaches. Typically, most headache patients will see improvement in severity and frequency within 6-8 visits. We have helped many patients in Roseville, MN, Saint Paul, MN, Arden Hills, MN, Shoreview, MN, and Falcon Heights, MN.

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