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Statistics indicate that you have already or will in the future experience lower back pain.  The lower back pain is considered chronic when symptoms have been ongoing for longer than 3 months. How long have you been experiencing lower back pain?

There have been many studies that have evaluated the effect stabilization exercises have on chronic lower back pain.  These exercises have included those performed on a swiss ball or simply performed on the floor.  What these studies have shown is that those in the exercise group have greater improvement in chronic lower back pain compared to the non-exercise group.

Bottom Line: The studies clearly show that stabilization exercises can improve chronic lower back pain.  In fact, the studies also show that those who do not exercise will not improve but can actually worsen their chronic lower back pain.

Here are some chronic low back pain exercises – Roseville MN Chiropractor.  These exercises are designed to be done on the swiss ball.

  1.  Sitting Pelvic Tilts – This exercise is done when sitting on the swiss ball.  You will rock back an forth or right to left.  Being on the swiss ball and moving in these directions causes the stabilizing muscles such as the abdominals to contract.  That is what we want to do to help improve your chronic lower back pain.
  2. Bridge – This is where you will walk your legs forward so that your shoulder blades are on the swiss ball.  Thus, you have formed what looks like a bridge.  Your knees, hips, and shoulders should be in a straight line.  This is a great exercise that works your glutes.  Working and strengthening the glutes is very important for improving chronic lower back pain.
  3. Sit Up – You will be sitting on the swiss ball and then lean back different degrees and holding each position for 5-10 seconds.  This is a another great exercise for your abdominals.

You will want to start about with 5-10 reps and then increase your sets and reps as you get stronger.

If you are experiencing chronic lower back pain, call our office at 651-779-5998.  We specialize in short term care for neck and back pain relief.  No long-term treatment plans.  We take our recommendations one visit at a time.  Dr. Eric Lund

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