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Back and neck pain are very common complaints.  In fact, back pain is the second most common reason people go to their doctors.  There are many different types of back pain:

The majority of back and neck pain can be broken in to 2 different categories:

Mechanical Neck and Back pain is what accounts for nearly 90% of the back and neck pain you are experiencing.  Mechanical back pain typically causes pain in your back.  Generally, this back pain will worsen with prolonged standing and leaning or extending backwards.  It will actually feel good to sit and bend forward.  Pain can travel into the buttock or leg but usually does not travel past the knee.

Mechanical neck pain involves pain in the neck that will worsen with movement.  The movement may worsen in several ranges of motion depending upon which muscles are tight and in spasm.  However, pain can travel into the upper part of the arm but with mechanical neck pain the pain will rarely travel past the elbow.

Back & Neck Pain Treatment from a Roseville, MN chiropractor is very helpful for mechanical back and neck pain.  Many patients feel improvement in back and neck pain after just a few treatments.

Disc related back pain can be more severe.  Also, pain will generally travel into one or both of the legs.  The leg pain travels past the knee and oftentimes to the foot.  The disc related back pain is worsened by prolonged sitting and bending forward – the opposite of mechanical back pain.  Leg pain is generally a numbness or tingling when a disc is involved.

Disc related neck pain is also a more severe pain.  Pain will often travel to one of the shoulder blades and also radiate down the arm and past the elbow.  The pain is especially be worsened by flexing your head forward.

Chiropractic treatment is effective for back and neck pain treatment for both mechanical and disc related back and neck pain.  Please view part of a typical treatment in the above video.

For back and neck pain relief, call our office today at 651-779-5998.  We focus on getting patients out of pain and out of the office in the fewest visits possible.  No long-term treatment plans.  Call today for same day pain relief.  Dr. Eric Lund

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