Piriformis Syndrome Relief – The Key For Low Back & Leg Pain Relief

Are you experiencing lower back and/or leg pain?  If you are experiencing leg pain then there are multiple causes and finding the cause is the key to relieving your leg pain.  There are many issues that can cause leg pain:

The tight piriformis muscle will be the focus of this particular article.  Whenever one suffers from leg pain it is very important that the piriformis muscle be evaluated and treated if tight.  The reason is that a tight piriformis muscle causes almost the same symptoms as a disc herniation.

The piriformis is a small muscle that is involved in stabilizing the hip joint.  The muscle attaches from the sacrum (part of your pelvis) to the greater trochanter which is part of your femur.  There are two common mechanisms by which the piriformis muscle causes lower back pain and leg pain.

First, anatomically, the sciatic nerve travels very close to the piriformis muscle.  When the piriformis muscle becomes tight it can irritate the sciatic nerve thus causing symptoms down the leg.

The second mechanism involves the build up of what are called trigger points within the piriformis muscle.  A trigger point can be thought of as a more severe muscle knot.  The severe knot can then cause the muscle to refer pain to other areas.  When tirgger points occur in the piriformis muscle it causes pain to travel down the back of your leg.

Thus, you need to evaluate your piriformis muscle if you are having leg symptoms.  The leg symptoms may be pain, tightness, numbness, and/or tingling.

Most patients will notice significant improvement in their lower back and leg pain after just a few treatments to the piriformis muscle and adjustments to their lower back and pelvis.

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